Each child is a precious gift from God, and parents play such a vital role in the formation of faith in their children's lives.

We want to partner with you, now more than ever, to build a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning about who God is, why we follow Jesus, and how the Holy Spirit lives within us.


Below are some great ways for kids to keep growing in their faith, even when we're apart. Watch the age-appropriate videos, below, with your kids. And, don't forget to take a look at the Parent Guides and Godtime Devotions for kids, to find ways to learn and grow in faith together with your children.


Join us for Kids' Church on Zoom each Sunday at 11:15 a.m. We want to keep learning about how much God loves us and the ways in which He is leading us as we navigate the days ahead. We check in, catch up on our past week, share highs and lows, learn our Bible story, play some games to reinforce the lesson for the day, and, pray for one another. It's always fun to hang out with friends! Email Jane Roscoe, Children's Ministry Director, at children@fpcnapa.org for the secure link to join us. 


Don't forget that God LOVES you! He calls us to go out and do the same.


Sunday Morning Zoom

Kids' Church on Zoom meets at 11:15 a.m. following our Worship Online at 10 a.m.

New this week: Come and worship in person! Service begins at 10 a.m.. Unfortunately, there will be no Kids' Church in person at this time.

Email Jane Roscoe at children@fpcnapa.org to get the secure link so you can join us at 11:15 a.m. for Kids' Church on Zoom!


During the Week

Can't make it on Sunday mornings? We understand! Check out the resources below to use at your convenience.

  • Click on the picture for the video links for each age group
  • Go through the Godtime Devotions during the week.
  • Explore the activities in the Parent Guides that reinforce the lessons.



Waiting is a part of life. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait on our own. God can help us experience the patience we need to wait well. After all, God is patient. God is in control and knows what’s best for us. Even though God’s people had been waiting for years for the promised Savior, at just the right time, God sent Jesus. As we are created in God’s image, we can reflect His patience in our lives. We can be patient when we remember what God has done and trust God no matter what!

Here's what we'll cover this month:

  • When you have to wait, remember God is with you.
  • When you have to wait, remember what's true.
  • If you don't wait, it could cost you.
  • You can celebrate, even as you wait.

Cheering you on this month and always!

Join us on Zoom, or click on the links below.

Lesson for K-3rd Grade

Kid's Video Lesson Week of March 6-13

Kid's Devotions

Parent Lesson Guide


Lesson for Preteens

Preteen Video Lesson Week of March 6-13

Preteen Devotions

Parent Lesson Guide



More Resources for Parents

Check out the Parent Cue website and app for more resources and encouragement during this time, and always!