Dear Members and Friends,

The Mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Napa is to help people:

                   Connect………… God and each other

                                    Be transformed…………….into followers of Christ

                                                Serve…………..God and one another

2020 has been a year of dramatic change in our beloved church.  First, the coronavirus has significantly altered the way we worship.  Sunday services in our beautiful sanctuary, social hours, and regular meetings have all been dramatically curtailed or eliminated all together.  Second, our staff has experienced an almost 100% turnover—our pastor, youth minister, financial coordinator and office manager all left for a number of different reasons during the second quarter of this year.

As stunning as these changes have been, they also brought about some remarkable opportunities.  First, the resulting shift to online communications, such as Zoom and more email, has enabled us to continue to stay in touch with members and introduced a variety of new efficiencies.  Second, we have redesigned most of our staff positions and added some outstanding professionals to serve our church, maintain contact with members, and support our many endeavors.

While these changes in church activities and staff have indeed been dramatic, they emphasize the continuing need for each of us to address our own Personal Giving Plan.  God has blessed each of us in a variety of ways… faith, in service, in love, in talent, in life experiences, in care for one another, and in financial capability.  Giving is a part of our witness to the grace and generosity of a loving God.  It is out of a profound sense of gratitude for God’s many gifts that we make the choice to return some of what we have to continue the work of this church.

Over the coming weeks I hope you will give prayerful consideration to the one question each of us is called to ask ourself, “What does God call me to give?”  And then, by Sunday, November 15th, you will have had a number of opportunities to make your generous commitment in response to the generous gifts that God has given you.

Please give generously.

Your 2021 Stewardship Committee

George Mauze, Adrian Fenderson, Eve Howard, Jim Jones

Ways to Give:

  1. Give ONLINE HERE.
  2. Mail in a check to FPC Napa, 1333 3rd Street, Napa, CA 94559
  3. Drop off your pledge card or contribution in person.

Thank you for giving generously!