We have begun the Mission Study process in order to understand our congregation's needs, the needs of our community, and to get valuable input on the health and vitality of our church as we transition to search for a permanent pastor. The Mission Study Survey was conducted last month, and we thank you for your participation!

Mission Study Small Groups

(Completed in October/November 2020)

Thank you for all of the fruitful discussions of our Mission Study small groups!


Review all the discussions and determine our action plan to inform a Mission Study Report coming late January/early February.

If you'd like a copy of the compilation of all the small groups meeting discussions with the answers to the questions to review, please email Eve Howard at evelhoward@gmail.com. If you'd like a hard copy, email Fransine at officemanager@fpcnapa.org and ask her to print a copy for you to pick up. NOTE: The compilation is 30 pages long.

Are you interested in continuing your fellowship with others as a result of participating in the Mission Study Small Groups? That's great! Contact Fransine in the church office and sign up for a small group. We're adding more classes and offerings soon. Visit the Small Groups page or call or email Fransine at officemanager@fpcnapa.org, 707-224-8693. Thank You!