Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church of Napa

We hope each of you is well and feeling thankful in your faith that God has His hand on each of us and on our nation. We hope that you've had a chance to be with us on our Sunday Worship service on Zoom at 10 a.m. and have had a chance to hear our wonderful new pastor, Rev. Dr. Joanne Martindale preach.

We wanted to let you know that while we have not been in the Sanctuary together, many things have been going on in the church to make it possible to continue worshipping together. There is much to be considered in deciding when and how to safely re-open not only church on Sundays, but also our  Presbyterian Day School and The Table. We look forward to the day when we are able to resume the various meetings and gatherings that would normally take place on our campus.

The purpose of the Task Force is to consider our local regulations from the city and county of Napa, and to decide what steps should be taken in order to resume gatherings. We report to Session, who will make the final decision.

Members of the Task Force:

Rev. Dr. Joanne Martindale, Interim Pastor
Jane Roscoe, Children's Ministry Director
Jennifer Bator, Presbyterian Day School Director
Mary Beth Reyes, Table Board
David Busby, Feeding It Forward, Volunteer
Jan Iverson, Elder, Chair of 9 a.m. worship
David Shew, Elder, Chair of Buildings and Grounds
Scott Thomason, Elder, Chair of Adult Ministry
Jane Young, Kent Cohea, Leslie Richmond, Deacons
Adrian and Jeannie Fenderson, Robbin Gibson, members of The Gathering worship committee and Mission committees

The Task Force will be meeting bi-monthly to continue planning and evaluating logistics and safety considerations. We are acquiring input from a variety of sources which helps give us a wider range of ideas. Pastor Joanne attends weekly meetings with all the other pastors in the Presbytery and also weekly meetings for all the faith leaders in Napa. From them we get a picture of what others are doing and considering, giving us ideas that we might use and saving untold hours of reinventing the wheel. We have viewed videos provided by our insurance provider that directly address what should be considered in the logistics of opening.

Thank you for participating in our re-opening survey! We know that ideas and feelings are all over the spectrum when it comes to "opening church" and as churches across America have seen, worship gatherings at this time will be quite different than what we have previously known and expected.

Please be assured that we are also working to be able to continue worship online even after we re-open. We want everyone to find their way to worship into the future!

Please read the latest update from the Re-Opening Task Force (July 15, 2020) HERE.

Shelter in place

  • Stay at home
  • Church building is closed
  • In-person worship services suspended
  • Online worship: sermons on video
  • Gathering at 10 a.m. on Zoom
  • Children's Ministry on Zoom

Stage 2: Smaller Gatherings Allowed/Current Status

  • Office open to staff (with appropriate social distancing)
  • Church office is closed
  • Worship on Zoom at 10 a.m.
  • Children's Ministry on Zoom at 11:15 a.m.
  • Friendship Class Ministry on Zoom at 11 a.m.
  • Task Force meets on Zoom and in person (with appropriate social distancing)
  • Small Group meetings of 10 or less (with appropriate social distancing)

Stage 3: Larger gatherings

  • Office open to staff and visitors (with appropriate social distancing)
  • In person worship service with limited reserved seating (<150, with appropriate social distancing)
    • No Children's Ministry or nursery available
    • Online worship available
  • Children's Ministry on Zoom at 11 a.m.