Beginning Sunday, November 22, 2020

We're so excited to resume in person worship at FPC Napa! As our world has changed since we've last met together for worship back in March, here are some things you might be wondering:

What time will we meet?

There will be a single service at 10 a.m.

What kind of service will it be? Traditional? Contemporary?

Both! As we've been meeting on Zoom we've blended some traditional elements and more contemporary ones, and we plan to continue to joyfully worship our Lord in new and creative ways as we come together on Sunday mornings.

Will we be following safety protocols?

Absolutely! Masks will be required, and social distancing will be followed. Check out our What to Expect of what we'll be doing before, during, and following the worship service to prevent the spread of COVID to the best of our ability.

What to Expect

Will registration be required?

Yes! REGISTER HERE for our worship services.

If I am unable to come in person, what are my other options to attend worship?

So glad you asked! We are excited to be able to offer a livestream, on Zoom, and in person worship service options. We consider our online and in person attendants equally valued and welcome to worship. In person worship and Zoom worship will be a little different than what we have done before, but that's okay! We will grow and learn together in this new season.

Will we still do breakout rooms and prayer requests during in person worship?

Yes! We have loved getting to know one another and sharing our stories, reflections on the sermon, and prayer requests during worship on Zoom. Stay tuned for the creative ways we'll incorporate this aspect into our in person worship experience!

Register for In Person Worship