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Annual Pledge Commitment

We appreciate you considering making a commitment to pledge annually. Below you will find a helpful Q & A about pledging as well as information about how your commitment will make a lasting impact.

Q. What is a Pledge?

A pledge is an estimate of what you intend to give to the church in the coming year. It is not like paying taxes, a mortgage or membership dues. Your pledge is a statement of intent, it is not a contract.

Q. Why Should I Pledge?

Making a pledge is a very tangible way of saying that you intend to financially support the ministry and mission of our church. Making a pledge also enables the church leadership to more accurately forecast church revenues and plan operating expenses and mission giving appropriately.

Q. How is Pledging a Practice of Faith?

Generosity - the giving of ourselves to others - is a key spiritual discipline that reflects God's generosity of love shown through Jesus Christ. Placing the church in your financial plans for the coming year demonstrates that your faith is a priority in your life.

Q. Who Makes a Pledge?

We encourage members of our church to renew their pledge every year. However, many people, who have not officially joined our church, make a pledge as well. They recognize that our church needs the financial support of everyone who participates in the life of the church. Every pledge counts; every pledge matters.

Q. How Much Should I Pledge?

Pledging is a very personal decision that you make after much thought and prayer. Your pledge is unique to your situation, and you are encouraged to pledge as your situation and means allow.

Q. How Do I Make a Pledge?

Easy! Click on any the Subsplash button above or on the button below and designate the amount you would like to pledge. Paper pledge cards are also available in the church office to all church members, regular attendees and friends. Completed pledge cards may be returned to Carmen Garcia, Financial Coordinator, 1333 3rd Street, Napa, CA 94559. For further assistance please call (707) 224-8693.

Transform Your Impact Into a Legacy

Have you ever considered making a gift that stands the test of time? Gifts of stock, IRA rollovers, and donations made as part of your estate plan are all creative ways to support the First Presbyterian Church that could allow you to make a larger donation, get significant tax benefits, and help assure the long term viability of FPC Napa.

We are here to help! Speak to our Financial Manager, Carmen Garcia, by calling (707) 224-8693 to explore the wide range of planned giving options.