Pastoral Search

We are in search of an inspiring solo pastor to lead us into a new era of renewed growth, faith, and service. Recent changes in our services involve the addition of Zoom and streaming which allow us to have a longer and broader outreach.

Mission Information Form

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Church Mission Study and Goals

In the past year we began the Mission Study process in order to understand our congregation's needs, the needs of our community, and to get valuable input on the health and vitality of our church as we transition to search for a permanent pastor. The Mission Study and it's findings are in the downloadable document below.

Here are the 7 goals that came out of the mission study:

1.     Active Deacons for our aging and isolated congregation, consistently but particularly at holidays and during the pandemic. Dave Crawford is leader of the Deacons 2021-4.

2.     Robust and constant small groups/classes for our congregation to appeal throughout the adult lifespan. Aron Quinlan leads Adult Ministry.

3.     A Wednesday Evening event every week – e.g. dinner and bible study, to have a consistent mid-week church family (and community?) prayerful/worship/fun event. Jay Gardner has stepped up to lead this when the pandemic ends.  

Coordinate with Christian Life (who might create other fun, church family events).

4.     Focus on Youth activities and bringing Families with young Children to the church. Mason Gizard and Youth Committee, as well as Jane Roscoe this effort w/focused support.

5.     Appeal and be thoughtful to engage and serve Napa community and the Hispanic community. This includes a recommitment to evangelism through modeling love and service. We do not have a leader here. The activity is spread out over several committees and leaders.

6.     Retain the beauty and poignancy of our traditional worship service, sermons, music, and sanctuary. Worship Committee and the Pastor lead. And, Improve our contemporary / experiential / change-it-up! worship options.

7.     A coordinated Spiritual Gifts program  (maybe w/a focus on helping w/#2, 3, 4, 5 above) administered by either a new “Spiritual Gifts” program lead by Church Life/Connection Committee – Paul Gray, Bruce McCall and Julie Worthington, for the congregation and new members ongoing and robustly-see below for more detail. We would like this to be the door for a clear path of discipleship and engagement for congregation members.

Job Description

Please download the document below to review the full job description.

How to Apply

 If you're interested in applying please go to the PCUSA CLC (Church Leadership Connection) website to fill out a PIF (Personal Information Form). Look for our MIF under "Opportunity Search", California, Redwoods Presbytery. Send your PIF, along with a cover letter explaining why you think you're a good fit for this position, to

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